Benedict Negotiating Seminars, Inc. – Sales

Delphi Automotive has used Benedict Negotiating Seminars since 1994. During our association, over 500 people globally have been trained. Unanimously, the participants have proclaimed Benedict Negotiating training the single best training program ever offered by our company.

George Kralovich
Director/Global Sales
Delphi Automotive


I was (reluctantly) enrolled in Benedict's Negotiating Seminar by my company. What a watershed event in my professional life! In the two years since attending, I have been the direct principle in the sale to two international customers, the value of these sales exceeding $250 million. These results were a dramatic change from my previous performance. The seminar, especially the emphasis on team preparation for negotiation, has been a fundamental contributor to my personal success.

Paul R. Davis
VP of Marketing


What made the seminar especially valuable was the unique opportunity to see the negotiation process from the purchasing side of the desk as well as the sales perspective.

Dave Gray
VP of Sales
Land O'Lakes


Based on the feedback from our field sales accountant managers, product managers, and contract administrators, Benedict's Negotiating Seminars have had a powerful effect. The skills are being applied and the results have been extremely successful.

Douglas J. Ripley
Manager/Training and Development
ADC Telecommunications