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Whether our negotiating seminars are presented in Shanghai or Detroit, Los Angeles or Berlin, BNS' goal is still the same as it was in Robert Benedict's first session in 1984 – "A minimum of theory and a maximum of readily useable skills." Our focus continues to be on participants achieving identifiable, measurable results.

Real World Negotiating™ – Negotiating Profitable Sales

Real World Negotiating™ is our flagship course and has been the negotiating seminar of choice for sales and marketing professionals across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Customized to each company's particular needs, the seminar provides a wide variety of highly effective, practical and readily useable negotiating skills.


The Four Negotiating Styles

  • How to Identify Them
  • The Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Style
  • Identifying Your Own Style
  • Why a Knowledge of Styles Can Greatly Increase Negotiating Effectiveness
  • Why Different Factors Generate a "BUY" Response for Each Style

Preparation and Planning (Introduction)

  • Planning Grid – "Your Definition of Success"
  • Complete Preparation Worksheet
  • Rehearsal

The Pre-Negotiation

  • The Power of Information – What Questions a Salesperson Must Ask and to Whom
  • How to Conduct the Most Effective "Fact Find"
  • How the Right Information Can Help Protect the Profitability of Your Quote

How to Begin the Negotiation

  • Why the Opening Minutes are So Critical
  • How Buyers are Trained to Open the Negotiation
  • Five Specific Steps to Follow

Staying Assertive, Confident and Non-Manipulated

  • Broken Record
  • Deflecting
  • Workable Compromise
  • Rational Inquiry
  • Self Disclosure
  • How to Deal With Silence

The Ten Laws of Negotiating

  • How to Trade Rather Than Give Concessions
  • Know Your Leverage – When and How to Use It
  • The Opening Minutes are Critical – So Watch Your Words Carefully
  • Aim High Enough to Give Yourself Room to Move
  • Target the Negotiation on Your Agenda
  • Get the Buyer's Whole Shopping List Before Trading Anything
  • The Buyer Must Leave Feeling They Too Have Negotiated a Good Deal
  • Plus More Power Packed Guidelines

Tools of the Trade

  • Time-out
  • Limited Authority
  • Deadline
  • Surprise
  • Silence
  • "Good Guy – Bad Guy"
  • Escalation
  • Take It or Leave It
  • How to Break a Deadlock
  • How Not to "Bid Against Yourself"
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How to Strategically Prepare for a Negotiation

One of the most critical factors in achieving optimum results in negotiations is proper preparation and planning prior to the negotiation. In the hectic pace of the business world, proper preparation for upcoming negotiations can be easily overlooked or, at best, given very little time. Denying the preparation phase of the negotiation can be extremely costly to any sales or marketing professional.

How to Strategically Prepare for a Negotiation is a fast-paced, highly interactive course using a systematic, 3-phased approach to prepare for any negotiation. In addition to demonstrating how salespeople should prepare, time is also spent revealing how buyers prepare and approach a negotiation as well.

The emphasis is on a systematic, time efficient, results-producing method of preparation that can be used for any level of negotiations.

Click here to download a PDF Brochure with more information.
Click here to download an informational letter that includes seminar pricing.