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How successful were your sales team's top five negotiations last year?

What specific tools were used to evaluate their degree of success in these key negotiations? 

For most companies, these top negotiations equal a large percentage of the total sales dollars negotiated. Focusing on these negotiations, having the proper system in place, and being able to clearly evaluate their success can have a highly significant impact on the profitability of your company's total sales. This is what BNS has successfully helped clients do for 29 years.


Let's be very specific. For most of our clients, their goal is to increase the profitability of their sales by 25% or more. That requires a clear understanding of how professional buyers are trained to approach a negotiation – and how to trade rather than give concessions. It also requires an understanding that most negotiations are won or lost before they ever start – in the pre-negotiation, preparation phase.

Our clients tell us the 7-Step BNS Negotiating Strategy is key to their success. Once established, it continues to produce dividends year after year with no additional cost. This 7-Step process will:

Contact us to review the 7-Step BNS Negotiating Strategy. Bring this process into your company and experience the same profound results our clients have for 29 years.